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Just as you can express your character with what you wear your flat can reveal your personality as well. Someone who knows the art of decorating with all its secrets is Holly Becker. The Founder/Editor of decor8 and international best-selling author of “Decorate” is definitely one of the most creative persons in the interior business. Still she found some time to talk to us about her passion for decoration, her inspirations and her latest design crush.

Could you introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Holly Becker and I’m a blogger, book author, design consultant, teacher and interiors stylist. I like to do a lot of things within the field of interior design, experimenting with new ideas and experiencing lots of different scenarios to make my work day more exciting. If I’m not teaching a workshop in Morocco, Berlin, New York or Amsterdam, I’m speaking at a design fair, writing a blog post, styling a space for my second book, teaching my e-class online (decor8eclasses.com) or interviewing and photographing a shop to review on decor8. I love to do many different things within my field so I can continue to train my eye, learn, explore, share and connect with others.

How did you get the idea to start your blog?

I took a creative writing workshop in Boston (that I nearly blew off due to snow and lack of motivation!) and the New York Times Writer who was also the teacher gave students advice that changed my life. She said, “If you are not on the internet you do not exist.” That made me worry because there I was, a freelance decorator with clients, yet I had no online presence. I went home and the next day I started my blog.

Describe your blog in 3 words.

Fresh, Creative and Inspiring.

What is your favorite aspect of blogging?

The immediate feedback that I get from readers and the ability to connect with so many like-minded people worldwide so easily. I love being a part of such a vibrant and supportive online community and that together we are breaking barriers and paving new roads.

Who is your target audience?

Those who crave a fresh, friendly, honest and creative approach to decorating and design. I’m all about experimenting, personalizing and making design accessible and fun!

Is blogging your passion, profession or both?

Both though the passion came first and will always be what steers my business.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not blogging?

Travel… which usually results in a blog post. :)

Where do you turn for inspiration?

Currently I turn to two main sources: Pinterest and Instagram (I’m @decor8 if you want to see my Instagram photos).

What was your latest design crush?

I’m actually in love with a few things. First, the new Birds n Bees wallpaper from Timorous Beasties, anything from Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek and the work of German stylist Dietlind Wolf which I follow on her blog.

Who is your favorite designer/brand?

There are so many talented people, I just blog about my hundreds of ‘favorites’ on decor8 to make it easier than picking only one!

What’s your best deco advice?

Personalize your space – let your home tell the story of who you are, what you love and what you dream about. Another tip is to be confident and do what you want – it’s your home – if you want to mix and match, wallpaper the ceiling in a bold pattern, paint a wall jet black, install a swing in your living room, paint your table bright red – DO IT and then stand by your decision, be confident and own it. Nothing is more inspiring that a personalized home decorated with confidence. I’ve seen homes that were not beautiful but that were so confident and personal that you fell in the love the moment you entered. It’s not about setting the goal to have a gorgeous home -  it’s about setting the goal to create a cozy, accepting and deeply personal and confident space because only then will beauty result. Confidence shines through the face of a person making them more beautiful, isn’t it the same for a home?

If you were a piece of design/object, what would you be? Why?

I’d be the bespoke painting on the wall that you keep in your home always – attractive, inspiring, lasting and a piece that inspires conversation when guests arrive…

Do you have an object/ a piece of furniture that you keep since your childhood?

Yes, I have the dress that I wore when I was born – it’s going to soon be framed because it’s such a precious piece of my history that I cherish – and I have a photo of me wearing it that I want to put with the dress. I even have the little bracelet with my name on it from the hospital that the nurse put on my wrist when I was born but my mother still has that and refuses to part with it. :)

How often do you change the design of your interior?

I’m always tweaking and moving things, my interior today is different from what it looked like two weeks ago!

How would you describe your home?

Creative, welcoming, personal, bright, happy and handmade.


Tic Tac…60 seconds are up! Thank you, Holly!


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  1. Great interview, I like her deco advice of personalize your space :)

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